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Eminence Ragin Cajun 10″ Guitar Speaker

Meet the Eminence Ragin Cajun 10″ Guitar Speaker – the secret sauce to giving your tunes a spicy kick! 🌶️ This bad boy brings a dose of Americana to your sound, rocking a loud, touch-sensitive vibe with a sweet bell-like top end. And boy, does it pack a punch – a 30 oz. ceramic magnet, 75 watts at 8 ohms, and a sensitivity of 100dB!

Switching out the stock speaker in a Vox Valvatronics VT40+ was a game-changer for one user. The Ragin Cajun delivered a warm sound, waving goodbye to the jangly Brit vibes. Plus, it handles power like a champ – a clear upgrade from the Vox “Original” sound.

If you’re jamming with a Fender Frontman 25R, the Ragin Cajun is your ticket to tonal paradise. Quick installation- turned a practice amp into a band practice beast. Crystal-clear tones, loud as your neighbor’s yappy dog – and construction quality that’s rock-solid. Major thumbs up from the upgrade squad!

Another happy camper upgraded a Fender Frontman 25R. The stock speaker was a vibe killer at high volumes, but enter the Ragin Cajun, and it’s like the amp did a 180. Cleans shine, gain gets bluesy, and volume? Prepare to be amazed – it’s like your 25-watt amp hit the gym and came out sounding like a 50-watt legend. Club gigs? No sweat for the Cajun.

But hold up, the Ragin’ Cajun isn’t just a replacement speaker; it’s a tone magician. Tossed into a 1973 Ampeg GT10, it became the touch-sensitive maestro, dancing to various music styles and amp vibes. Bad tone? Not on its watch. The verdict: the Cajun isn’t just a speaker; it’s a musical sidekick, making everything sound better. 🎸✨

Eminence Cannabis Rex Guitar Speaker

Eminence is a well-known brand in the world of guitar speakers, and the Cannabis Rex is a standout option. This speaker is designed to produce a warm and balanced sound, with a focus on mid-range frequencies.

One of the key features of the Cannabis Rex is its hemp cone. Yes, you read that correctly! The cone is made from hemp fibers, which gives it a unique tone and responsiveness. Hemp is a lightweight and rigid material, which allows for more accurate sound reproduction.

The Cannabis Rex also has a power rating of 50 watts, making it suitable for a wide range of amplifiers and playing styles. It’s a great choice for blues, country, and classic rock genres, but can also handle heavier styles with ease.

What really sets the Cannabis Rex apart is its ability to cut through the mix. The mid-range frequencies are pronounced, which allows your guitar to be heard clearly in a band setting. The speaker also has a smooth and balanced high-end, which prevents any harsh or piercing tones.

The 10-inch version of the Cannabis Rex is often used in smaller amps or as a replacement speaker for smaller combo amps, while the 12-inch version is a great choice for larger combos or speaker cabinets. With the option of 8 or 16 ohms on the 12-inch, you can be sure to get the perfect fit for your amplifier and cabinet setup.

Overall, the Eminence Cannabis Rex guitar speaker is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a warm and balanced tone with great mid-range clarity. Its hemp cone and 50-watt power rating make it a versatile option for a variety of playing styles, and its ability to cut through the mix is sure to impress.

What are people saying about the Cannabis Rex?

We took took a quick read through some online reviews…

There’s this Fender Blues Junior owner who finally ditched the original speaker for the Cannabis Rex. They were kinda kicking themselves for not doing it sooner. The frequency response was on point, saying goodbye to those annoying ice pick highs. And the harmonic response? They described it as downright excellent. Their advice to anyone eyeing the Cannabis Rex – don’t wait; just do it. You’ll thank yourself.

A few Fender Champion 40 users decided to switch up the stock speaker with the Eminence Cannabis Rex, and bam! The whole amp vibe changed. Now, it’s rocking the perfect Chicago blues harmonica sound, and they’re loving it. Someone else, on the hunt for that big, fat, smooth low end for jazz and blues, threw the Cannabis Rex into their Champ 40. The result? Crazy full and mellow vibes without any muddiness. They’re swearing it’s the best they’ve ever played.

And oh, the user who upgraded their 1995 Fender Blues Jr. with the Cannabis Rex? Yeah, they’re over the moon about the sonic upgrade.

Now, picture this: swapping out a Celestion Seventy/80 with the Cannabis Rex in a combo tube amp. Instant upgrade alert! Smoother highs, more controlled bottom end – a clear win. This user’s been rocking the Cannabis Rex in their Fender Blues Jr. for a solid 10 years, and they’re saying it just gets better with age. Super wallet-friendly and efficient, they highly recommend it for anyone looking for a smoother, less ice-picky tone. And here’s the pro tip – it might make your amp or cabinet sound louder and sweeter after a chill 20–60-hour break-in period. Trust them, it’s worth it.

Ready to buy? The Cannabis Rex is available from the UK’s Eminence distributor:

Eminence 10″ Cannabis Rex 8 ohm
Eminence 12″ Cannabis Rex 8 ohm
Eminence 12″ Cannabis Rex 16 ohm