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PLASA 2014

Its been busy month since we exhibited at PLASA London 2014 at the Excel Centre, we had a great show and met lots of existing and new clients.

Our display stand is modular, so once we’ve unloaded it doesn’t take too long to assemble, we arrived Saturday afternoon, and this is what it looked like at 1pm:

plasa beginning


By 4:00 pm it was finished: plasa 4


Our first appearance of dB-Mark at PLASA – we had the DP24, DP26 and D28 system controllers at the show, and we now also have stock of the DP36 and DP48. Our second year with PKN, and we received a lot of interested in this up and coming amplfier brand. plasa 2


We had a few people join us at this year’s show, including Faital Pro.  As a distribution fulfilment partner for Faital Pro we are able to look after the UK market quickly and effectively, utilising stock from our UK warehouse – next day delivery is available on many products. Andrew Richardson, who represents Faital Pro in the UK was on the stand for the duration of the show, and Flavio Naggi popped over from Italy for the day on Monday. plasa 3


As a significant user of Faital Pro, Shermann manufacturing joined us on the stand, with a mini-selection of their products. The speakers at the front of the stand were painted in the colours of the Italian Flag to represent the link with Faital Pro. plasa_1


Having recently taken on distribution of Oberton, this year was our first year exhibiting this brand. Although somewhat unheard of in the UK, interest is growing rapidly in this european built brand thanks to their attention to detail with regard to engineering.Oberton have finely tuned  many of their drivers for optimum performance in horn loaded enclosures.With great specs, and keen prices, Oberton are set to give some of the old faithfuls a run for their money.  15pd600


We’ve been distributing P-Audio for a few years now,  so we included a selection of products to exhibit. P-Audio offers a wide range of products suitable many applications and budgets.As one of the world’s biggest OEM manufacturers, you may well have used P-Audio without even knowing it.

With our extensive stock holding, we are now able to distribute across much of Western Europe, including France, Spain, Ireland, Holland, Belgium and Denmark.




BPM/PRO 2014

We finished off a busy summer with the BPM/PRO show at the NEC in Birmingham, which ran from the 13th – 15th September 2014. It was great to see so many of our customers and business partners at the show, for those of you who couldn’t make it, or  just need a little reminder, here’s a few photos from the show. Our modular stand might look familiar, we used parts of it at BPM and PLASA in 2013, we’ve added, modified and finished with a fresh coat of TuffCab paint for 2014, giving it a new look. A few hours of screwing, bolting, sticking and tweaking and we had a display stand ready to go:



The whole stand had been pre-configured in our warehouse, so it was just a case of re-assembling everything back in the same places.


Cat and Steve from Volt setting up their end of the stand




A selection of drivers from P-Audio, one of our key brands we distribute through the UK, Ireland and parts of Western Europe.


We picked a selection of the brands we represent, featuring a best-selling products from each.


We had a steady flow of visitors throughout the weekend


Of particular interest was one of the new brands we are distributing in the UK: Oberton, whose range include some specialist products optimised for horn-loaded applications

Featured brand: Volt loudspeakers

We teamed up with Volt this year, their first trade show in many years. Cat (David Lyth’s daughter) and her husband Steve are taking a very active role in the business, and this year has seen a few changes, starting with a new website, new company branding, and a new price structure.


Cat and Steve with the demonstration cabs. The two cabs featured similar drivers, one with Volt’s radial chassis (on the left) and one without.


Both drivers were run off the same amplifier, with a 20hz signal at moderate volume. Temperature sensors on the driver magnets recorded the temperature over time, demonstrating the significant cooling benefits of the radial chassis.


Volt driver on the left, standard chassis equivalent on the right

The demonstration attracted a lot of interest, and educated many people on the importance of heat management within a loudspeaker. Excessive heat is the most common cause of failure in loudspeakers, managing the heat significantly improves long term  reliability.


Featured brand: PKN

With high power amplifiers, up to 40kw, in a compact 1U package, we felt it was high time more of you in the UK knew about these little beauties. Peter Papp, PKN’s chief engineer and designer came along this year to meet some UK users, and to pass on some of his vast knowledge to us.


Andy Kos (me) on the left, Peter Papp in the middle, and Ed Chaney on the right.


Featured brand: dBMark

A new addition to our Portfolio, we had a selection of dBMark processors with us, although available in the UK for a little while now, we’re making sure everyone knows just how good they are.


DP24: 2 in 4 out, DP26: 2 in 6 out and DP28:2 in 8 out. Other models also available.