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Custom Crossover Manufacturing

We’re not like your typical webshop, that’s just full of random products and meaningless specifications – our range of products is backed up with extensive technical knowledge and many years of experience in the industry. One of the areas we specialise in is custom crossover design. Our test lab is kitted out with prototype cabinets and extensive testing and measuring equipment – and with a huge range of transducers at our disposal, we can fine tune passive crossovers for virtually any combination of devices.

In 2015, Blue Aran acquired the remaining equipment and stock of Convair Electronics, who for many years had been based in Essex and manufactured the Link Dynamics range of passive crossovers. Since then we have been updating and improving the crossover designs, making them much more versatile.

In 2019 we acquired a computerised coil winding machine, allowing us to manufacture high quality air-cored inductors of varying sizes in our workshop. We can make virtually any value (subject to size limitations) with accuracy of up to 0.5%

Our computerised coil winder

We have a range of bobbin sizes (38mm, 50mm and 70mm) and enamelled copper wire from 0.5mm to 1.25mm, this allows us to make most commonly required coils for passive audio filters, from 0.1mH up to 3mH

The current range of PCBs available:

PCB 9003: Standard general purpose board for 2-way 2nd order crossover

PCB 9013: Large format PCB for 2-way 2nd order crossover – will accommodate large 70mm inductors and rectangular laminated steel core inductors.

PCB 9023: Compact PCB for 2-way 2nd order crossover – capacitors have to be stacked vertically if more than one is needed.

PCB 9033 : Standard PCB for 2-way crossover, with 3rd order option on High Pass section

PCB 9002: Standard PCB for high pass filter, 2nd or 3rd order.

PCB 9012: Large format 2nd order high pass filter – will accommodate large 70mm inductors, and rectangular laminated steel core inductors

We also have limited stock of other PCBs, most of which are now obsolete, and are being replaced with new improved versions.

Our standard stock range of crossovers can be found on the Blue Aran Website

Can’t find what you need? Pop us an email and we’ll guide you to the right product.

Need a custom design? If you have already calculated the components you need, and they fit on one of our PCBs, we can manufacture to order, please email us a quote.

Need help with a basic design? Use our online crossover designer.

If you don’t have the circuit design already, we can do this for you, but this is typically a design fee, and a minimum order quantity of 20pcs if you need a custom configuration tailored to a specific driver configuration.